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It's Been Too Long

Christian Elliott
Christian Elliott

Thanks for reading. Christian Elliott – Boring, Regular, Person.

Hi friends. Readers. Whoever you are.

This post is more about me just checking in. I don’t have an agenda for my stream this time around.

I’ve seen recently that “time is a commodity”, which is an interesting thought. It stresses the idea that you should treat time as a thing you must constantly be hunting after. Maximizing your waking hours for the sake of some kind of productivity. Grr. Grind yourself to a pulp to reach some kind of goal. Don’t stop. Get up early. Work out every day. Do not waste the moment! … 🤨

I agree that time is a precious thing, but I don’t agree that we should feel the need to do nothing but focus on not wasting it. There’s something so special about the fact that we get to waste time in our world. We have the luxury of doing nothing, and sometimes it’s ok to do precisely that. Of course, everything is alright in moderation. I’m not advocating for the life of a metaphorical sloth. I’m just saying that I wish we (it feels like men especially) didn’t act like we should do only what is going to jive with this goal of making all the money or doing all the push ups.

Tonight, I’m setting some goals for the week. Namely, I’d like to run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. That’s 5/7 days, which is an achievable goal. I usually can do it for a week, but struggle to do it for two. So this week and next week, that is my goal. Make it two weeks. Then, I’ll have to re-convince myself to do it again. The good news is that, assuming I reach that milestone, I’ll have the perspective that I’ve just come that far, and I might as well do it again. I am hoping that will be enough to motivate me. Along the way, I’m going to have to stay focused and practice discipline.

That’s my only goal for this week and the next. Run on the prescribed days. I would like to do some other work, like read a couple chapters of a book or decide if I’d like to embark on another personal project (there are so many I’ve said I want to tackle, and so few I’ve made substantial progress on!), but I’m going to consider my only genuine and steadfast goal to be running.

That’s all, folks. I’ll check in soon. Maybe I’ll even let you know how this went, if I am not too ashamed to report that I’ve failed.

P.S. I know that there’s a serious – contradictory, even – duality to my post tonight. I can complain about being too eager beaver and simultaneously commit to a single goal, right?! Anyway, wish me luck.