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My First Post

Christian Elliott
Christian Elliott

Thanks for reading. Christian Elliott – Boring, Regular, Person.

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“What is my purpose?” #

I am still trying to figure out the topic for my very first post. I’m sure that, in hindsight, it won’t matter. Starting is usually more important than how you actually start. But paralysis by analysis is kind of my thing, so.

Before I really get too far into coming up with potential topics for this first post, I should probably try to narrow down what this blog is going to be about in general. If nothing else, I just want this blog to represent me. I want it to be organic and authentic. Given I’m a human being that is always evolving, that means this blog’s whole state is going to be dynamic. Maybe it’s ok that I don’t come up with a concrete focus and theme.

I think I’ve just finished my first blog post. It’s only downhill from here!