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RE: A Climate Rant

Christian Elliott
Christian Elliott

Thanks for reading. Christian Elliott – Boring, Regular, Person.

More appropriately: “A Continuation of Thoughts”.

I have been intending on updating my previous post – remove some typos or perhaps rehprase a couple things – but I’ve resisted doing so, and in the name of my “just write stuff” goal, I’ll just try to continue with how I’m feeling.

Reflection #

I do think my last post was very sad, in hindsight. And that’s ok. I go to therapy, lol. It was indeed how I have felt, and do still feel from time to time. But I honestly don’t think feeling like that too much is very productive, and therefore is something I am aiming to be able to push through, or perhaps see around. Indeed, I see immense beauty in the world we exist in, and in the world we create. I just feel that because of our beautiful gift, we have a responsibility to try to sustain it.

Outlook #

I once asked my CS professor – an individual whose opinion I respect highly – what his thoughts on the environment and global warming were. He said the outlook was grim, but that he had faith someone (in my opinion, anyone) could make a difference. I think that, while we kind of suck (especially to one another), humans posess a remarkable capacity to accomplish incredible feats – to move mountains. We have language, we have collective willpower, we have love. We have a lot of things that nature has given us that could be accessed to learn this universe just a little better, and that could be the way we ensure tomorrow. Does it kind of sound like I’m saying we still have the chance for a long-ball, Hail Mary? Yeah, a little. But humans also walk the edge of possibility, and have for a long time (ok, maybe not a relatively long time). At any rate, I believe in that.

In Other News #

Tried to go camping this weekend. Drove off to my place at about 12:30 AM because I was cold. Still had fun.

That’s all for now. Cheers.