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Stream of Consciousness #1

Christian Elliott
Christian Elliott

Thanks for reading. Christian Elliott – Boring, Regular, Person.

Ugh. Once again, producing a new post has been a task I have utterly struggled with. I want to write about what I think about, but I want people to like what they read. Then I remember that worrying about that goes againt my blog mantra, and then I just select, delete, and close my laptop.

Work has been alright, easy, and unrewarding. I have for some time wanted to flex my leadership skills, but doing so requires an immense investment in your own organization’s cause, and mustering that (especially when it’s not being evoked within you) is a rather difficult task, it seems.

Still, there are many things I am excited about! Covid seems to actually be behind us. Of course, this is almost certainly due to the fact that it has faded from the news cycles completely. I’m just glad the worst of it is over. I wonder what kind of true lessons we’ll learn in hindsight. We’ve already learned a lot. It’ll be curious to see how those lessons will be reshaped and evolve over time, as our views and knowledge of the pandemic age.

My anniversary is coming up and I’m trying to think of something fun to do for my wife. I definitely should have done so by now, but I have time to make something work. If you know me personally, feel free to offer suggestions.

I’m also looking forward to watching KC win super bowl LVII! Well, I’ll admit, I personally don’t think they’ll win, but Super Bowl Sunday is always a good time.

That’s all I’ve got. Cheers.